Top 10 Remote Companies Hiring Now

If you are on the search for a new remote job, it may be useful to know the top remote companies that are hiring now.

Remote work has been around for a long time but when COVID-19 came about, it gave a nudge to every company around the world to consider remote positions. Not to mention the fact that studies show people are more likely to choose a remote job than salary.

As time goes on and technology progresses even further more roles will start to become available. You can discover remote jobs in healthcare, law, customer service, and many more at Remote Jobs Co.

Whilst we are going to look through the top 10 remote companies in this article, there are actually thousands of companies out there that are offering remote jobs. Keep that in mind when you are on your remote job search.

Top 10 Remote Companies Hiring Now


According to this article on Forbes, Twitter remote jobs may be a company standard in years to come. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made it clear that he wants employees to work where they feel comfortable and are most productive.

This has more than likely been a result of COVID-19 but it is a good direction for the company to take. With over 4,500 employees (according to statistics) this will open up many opportunities for those seeking a remote job.


As one of the biggest companies in the world, it is no surprise that Amazon would be on the list of top remote companies. Amazon have over 800,000 employees; by making some of these positions remote, think of how much money they would save.

If you don’t already know, Amazon is pretty must the largest online marketplace in the world. They sell everything you can imagine and also allow other individuals/businesses to sell on the platform.

The remote positions available for Amazon include customer service roles, delivery managers, cloud engineers, account managers, and many more exciting remote positions.


Many people turn their nose up at teaching platforms, but according to this list from FlexJobs, VIPkid is number 3 in the top 100 companies with remote jobs. Which is pretty impressive for a teaching platform.

This remote company is a bit different to others as they always have open positions and individuals can work when they please. Candidates must be a native of the USA but can live and work anywhere in the world.

So you pick your own hours, can work from anywhere, and get paid a generous salary; do we need to give a better reason as to why this is a top remote company?


This is one of the most popular remote companies that always seem to be hiring for remote positions. They have been going since 1996 so it’s no surprise they are at the top of their game for remote working.

Appen offers a variety of roles and states that they are part-time flexible jobs that can be done anywhere in the world. From what we have heard/researched they seem to pay fairly well and have good reviews from employees.


The media have recently been stating that Dell has started offering remote positions, however, they have been offering remote work for a very long time. Dell is one of the largest computer tech companies in the world and remote jobs are very desirable at the company.

Dell remote jobs include positions in sales, engineering, software development, and tech support. They have remote positions open across many different countries and pay competitively.


By now it is no surprise that technology companies are making their way onto the top remote companies list. Apple actually has an entire section dedicated to “Work-at-home” jobs online. As the largest technology company globally, it makes sense to have remote working available.

From what is listed on the Apple website they seem to offer three types of remote roles; at home advisor, at home team manager, and at home area manager. This is promising for those seeking a remote career that offers progression.

Although Apple only has select remote positions available, they train their employees thoroughly and treat them well so we thought they deserved a place on this list.


Everyone should have heard of Salesforce by now as they are the number 1 CRM platform in the world. They are also one of “Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 10 years running.” That justifies the reason for being one of the top remote companies on this list.

If that has sold you then you will have a wide range of positions to choose from at Salesforce. You can browse for positions in marketing, sales, analytics, IT, and various tech roles. Working for a well-established company also provides you with an increase in job security, especially when you work remote.


Mainly focused on development and IT-based roles, GitHub is popular all over the world. If you are searching for a remote tech orientated role then this will be a great option for you. They are actually a subsidiary for Microsoft which makes them even more attractive as a remote worker.

The types of roles found at GitHub are generally tech-focused but there are other remote roles available. You can get a position in design, engineering, human resources, services, and customer support.


Concentrix is a company that speciaizes in customer engagement and business performance. They are a well-known company and have a variety of remote jobs available. They boast having over 80 Fortune 500 clients and staffing levels of over 225k. There is no doubt that this company would be great to work for and deserving of a top remote company.

They offer various customer support and tech-based roles from home. The positions are snapped up quickly so make sure you are a subscriber at Remote Jobs Co so you can apply as soon as a position is available.


This company focuses on automation software and helps businesses to streamline their tasks. They have a small number of employees, around 250, but they are spread out all over the world. This makes them the ideal remote company.

At Zapier you can find remote roles in marketing, support, engineering, community, and various other roles. They are a top remote company with a good mission and admirable values.

That’s the end of our top 10 remote companies list. Be sure to subscribe to our emails so you can keep up to date with remote roles from these companies.

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