The 12 Best Remote Jobs in 2020

Whether it’s your first time searching for a remote job or you are on the hunt for a new career, it can be useful to know which ones are the best remote jobs.

There could be many reasons that determine “the best remote jobs” such as compensation, benefits, flexibility, and requirements, in this article I will assess the job based on all of those combined. For example, some job types on the list may have small salaries but have everything else as positive. This will provide a general overview of the best positions.

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Whether you are unemployed due to COVID-19 or want a career change, hopefully, this list can give you a nudge in the right direction.

What are the Best Remote Jobs?

  • Remote Software Developer
  • Remote Content Writing
  • Remote Customer Support
  • Teaching English Online
  • Remote Marketing Manager
  • Remote Sales
  • Remote Accountant
  • Remote Virtual Assistant
  • Remote IT Manager
  • Remote Graphic Designer
  • Running an Online Business
  • Remote Recruitment

Remote Software Developer

  • Rough Salary: $100,000+
  • Technical Skills Required

This is a widely popular remote job across the USA and the whole world for that matter. The salary is high and there is more than enough freedom to work anywhere in the world. New software is being developed every single day and unemployment rates for software developers are very low. There are technical skills required for this role but there are also many online courses you can take to become qualified for certain positions.

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Remote Content Writing

  • Rough Salary: Varies
  • Extra knowledge sometimes required

Content writing has excelled all over the world especially since SEO became a “trend” shall I say. Most people associate content writing with freelancing but there are many companies out there that hire full-time remote writers. You can specialize in blog writing, website copy, ghostwriting, email writing, and many other areas. This job made the best remote jobs list due to its minimal requirements and freedom to work anywhere with a computer.

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Remote Customer Support

  • Rough Salary: Varies usually $15/Hour
  • No Skills Needed (Unless tech support)

As online business keeps increasing, so do their needs for customer support reps. Whilst this can be a fully remote position, there may be other requirements. These include high-speed internet, working certain shift times, reliable headset, and downloading software to a laptop with minimum specs. Nevertheless, it is a great online job for beginners. Due to the nature of the remote job and the shift patters, it is easy to separate work from home.

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Teaching English Online

  • Rough Salary: Varies but can be own rates or up to $30/Hour
  • An abundance of teaching platforms available

It’s not hard to see why this is one of the best remote jobs in 2020, especially when one of the top 3 remote companies in the world is VIPKid. You can choose your own hours but must have a reliable internet connection and a camera. Some companies require native English speakers only with some specifying North America only. With this job you also have the opportunity to branch off to your own tutoring or teaching business.

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Remote Marketing Manager

  • Rough Salary: $120,000+
  • A great career to work in

Marketing can cover a huge selection of areas in a business which is what makes it one of the best remote jobs. Having a diverse role avoids repetition and you will enjoy what you do more. You will likely manage a team of content writers, come up with marketing campaigns, design creatives, manage social media, and much more. The industry is changing rapidly and marketing tactics are evolving every day so you need to always keep up to date with marketing trends. You will likely need a formal qualification to work in this field.

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Remote Sales Rep

  • Rough Salary: $30,000 – $120,000 dependant on commisions/roles
  • Work however much you want

There are many different positions in sales but most of them rely on commission on sales which is why it can be hard to determine a salary. Usually, a base salary will be paid which is still a liveable wage but the harder you work the more you earn. You could be outbound sales trying to cold sell products or be a B2B sales professional trying to sell to business clients. Either way, this job is perfect for working remotely and can provide you with a generous commission-based salary.

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Remote Accountant

  • Rough Salary: $80,000+
  • Usually requires a degree

Accounting has always been a position that has had flexibility in working remotely. Accountants spend the majority of their time on a computer and don’t really need to be in a team environment. With this remote job, you generally need a have a form of accounting qualification or it will be extremely difficult to get into the field. Every country is different. There is also a range of options to work in remote accounting, including working for a firm, freelance accounting, and starting your own accounting business.

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Remote Virtual Assistant

  • Rough Salary: $7 – $25/hour
  • Always positions available

Remote virtual assistant roles generally require no experience. They consist of general administration tasks and anything that the hiring person needs to be done. You could be managing calendars, sending emails, booking travel, or making phone calls. Sometimes you will be required to work on the same schedule as your “boss” but generally, this remote job offers complete flexibility, no experience required, and many positions available to apply for.

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Remote IT Manager

  • Rough Salary: $130,000+
  • Desirable Field

This remote job can cover a range of different IT-related tasks. Companies usually rely on IT managers to ensure all technical aspects of the business are covered. By now it probably makes sense that any job in IT and computing can be remote. This remote role requires more experience and qualifications than some others due to the technical aspects, but it also provides top benefits and a high-paid salary.

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Remote Graphic Designer

  • Rough Salary: $60,000+
  • Desirable Field

Again, a remote graphic designer is generally popular in the freelance area but nevertheless, companies do offer full-time remote positions too. You will be required to have a substantial portfolio to demonstrate your work and you will also need a high-spec computer to work remotely due to the demands of the software. More importantly, graphic design isn’t for everyone and it generally suits those with a more diverse imagination and flare for creativity.

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Running an Online Business

  • Rough Salary: Unlimited
  • Complete freedom

Whilst this isn’t really a remote job, it is worth adding to the list because it is becoming hugely popular since COVID-19 and as a result can be done from anywhere in the world. With the advances in the internet and technology, you can pretty much create any business you want for minimal start-up costs. A popular venture is e-commerce where people sell products online. You will find that starting a business requires more dedication, motivation, and less job security.

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Remote Recruitment

  • Rough Salary: $60,000+
  • Is going to explode in the next 3 years

This addition to the best remote jobs in 2020 is more one of my predictions. Now the whole world has been pushed into remote working, it will likely be here to stay, for many companies. This means that recruitment will start shifting into remote work too. There is no reason why this position can’t be remote due to the nature of the job, for instance. There are already thousands of positions becoming available every month.

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That concludes the best remote jobs in 2020 list. I hope that it has given you an idea of which career you want to head towards. If not be sure to browse Remote Jobs Co for more remote jobs.

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