Remote Hiring Done Right
Remote Work is different than Local Work.
So why is hiring still done the same way for both?
How it works
Job Posting
In just a couple of minutes, you create a job posting on our site.
Job Attraction
Your job is posted in our mailing list and targeted Facebook Groups and other social media pages.
Job Filtering
We filter through the applicants so only people that are qualified and actively seeking work get through.
Job Applcations
Applicants apply to your job like normal and you are presented with high quality, filtered candidates who are ready to work.
Why It Works
Our Private Facebook Group that’s growing rapidly
This is where our filter begins. Only real, serious job seekers are allowed here. Every time we post a job to our followers, qualified people WILL apply.
Our Large Instagram
In addition to our Facebook group, we operate a large instagram of job seekers where in addition to receiving job hunting and remote work career advise, they get linked to the latest job posts on our site. That’s even more applicants for you.
Google Jobs Network
All New Job Postings are specially formatted and go through the Google Jobs Network where they are distributed there. This lets people find your jobs on the far reaches of the Internet. Mainstream job sites like Monster and Glassdoor don’t utilize this.
Member Mailing List
We email your job posting to all our interested members and are guaranteed to get applications every time.
The Website
Your job gets posted at the very top of the main page of the site and also for whatever category it’s in.

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